Signing Up for a Conference and Paying With A Stolen Credit Card

Below (in order of the most recent emails first) is the account of one individual (or "his travel agent") who paid for a conference registration using a stolen credit card.

I have been told that some individuals who have no intention of attending sign up for conferences so as to receive an invitation letter suitable for obtaining a visa.  For this reason, the Informing Science Institute requires payment prior to the conference.  Our payment processor verifies that the credit card is legitimate.  But it messed up in this case and we had to reverse the charge to the card owner.


Dear Eli,


Thanks for the information.

i gave this job to my travel agent to help get a conference and apply for visa. luckily for me i send and email requesting the letter of invitation because i notice is not included.


i will visit him in his office and get the money back from him.


thanks again


On Sunday, May 29, 2016 8:19 PM, Eli Cohen <> wrote:




Thanks for contact information.


I will pass this information on to passport control.  However, before we can issue a letter suitable for obtaining your visa, I need for you to pay for the conference fee using your own funds.  Previously you used Brent Craig’s credit card to pay the $770, but he said that he did not authorize you to use his card and demanded that his funds be returned.


Rather than use someone else’s credit card, please use Western Union to send me the $770 registration fee. The one closest to you is at ABSA Sunnyside (291 Esselen Street (Now called Robert Sobukwe St), Pretoria, Gauteng 8082 +27-12-4223300) It is just a 4 minute walk up Leyds.


Make the wire out to me personally and I will deposit it for you once you send me the confirmation code


Eli Cohen

131 Brookhill Court

Santa Rosa, California 95409 USA


As soon as I receive the funds I will have the visa letter sent to you and remove your name from the warning list I sent to the European passport control office.


See you soon at the conference.


Yours truly,





From: []
Sent: Sunday, May 29, 2016 10:29 AM
Subject: Re: New Contact Message




Passport Number                                                       OB0630395

Issuing Agency or Government                                 CONGO

Expiration Date                                                           30/04/2019

Home Address (this is needed for the letter)            FLAT 54, ANGELINAL BUILDING 486 LEYDS STREET

                                                                                           SUNNYSIDE PRETORIA SOUTH AFRICA

Birth Date                                                                    15 APRIL 1990

Birth Place                                                                    CONGOLAISE (RDC)

Dates of arrival to and departure from Vilnius           June 26th 2016 - 2nd July 2016.

Place of stay in Vilnius                                                 Panorama Hotel in VIlnius





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On Thursday, May 26, 2016 6:51 PM, Eli Cohen <> wrote:


Please send me the following for your invitation letter:


Name as it appears on your passport

Passport Number

Issuing Agency or Government

Expiration Date

Home Address (this is needed for the letter)

Birth Date

Birth Place

Dates of arrival to and departure from Vilnius

Place of stay in Vilnius


See you soon,




From: Informing Science Institute []
Sent: Thursday, May 26, 2016 3:14 AM
Subject: New Contact Message


Name: badibanga
Type: Question


i wrote to request for invitation letter. i have paid my fee